Backing up on your own may seem easy, but it’s important to take the advice of an expert when deciding on what to backup and how often. SOLVit Network Support works with you to ensure you have the right plan in place for your data protection needs. In the event of disaster, SOLVit Online Backup will be there to help you restore your data and get your business back in action. SOLVit Online Backup is an ideal backup solution for businesses with multiple servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices.

SOLVit can configure a backup solution for all your business data and online services including:

  • Windows servers and workstations
  • Microsoft Exchange and SQL servers
  • Hyper-V and VM-Ware Virtual Servers
  • Office 365 mailbox’s
  • Office 365 OneDrive & SharePoint sites

All SOLVit cloud backup solutions use AES Encryption whilst your data is in transit and at rest to ensure your data is safe and secure. SOLVit Online Backup uses only Australian Data Centre’s that are geographically separated for redundancy purposes ensuring you have access to your data when you need it.

“On a couple of occasions vital programs stopped operating which meant I couldn’t work. I contacted the SOLVit team and within an hour or so of contacting them, they had restored the programs which let me continue running my business. Without them, I would have lost months worth of work.”

Maciej Stanek
Franchise Owner Freedom Finance Canberra

Rest easy at night knowing that your backups are on auto-pilot.

SOLVit can also design a disaster recovery solution for your business. This provides piece of mind that your business can bounce back from accidental deletion, a major hardware failure, a malware attack or a natural disaster.

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