Managed Networking

How often do you check the firmware of your networking infrastructure? Do you update your network equipment with the latest security and bug fix updates?

With IT Technology underpinning communications for the majority of business, the need for reliable, secure and scalable networks has never been greater. A Managed Networking model keeps network infrastructure up to date with the latest networking technology which maintains efficiency, minimises downtime and provides added security to networks and business-critical data.

Managed Networking Products include:

  • Managed PoE Switches
  • Managed Wireless Access Points
  • Managed Firewall / Routers with 4G failover

By moving to a Managed Networking model, it is possible to remove capital expenses on infrastructure and shift costs to an operational expense with predictable monthly fees. A Managed Networking Model also means your equipment is always covered under warranty.

With a SOLVit Managed Networking solution, your business gets world-class technology on an
affordable budget.

Keep your IT infrastructure up to date with the latest technology with a predictable monthly fee.

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