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Dark Web ID focuses on cyber threats that are specific to your business environment. The service monitors the Dark Web and the criminal hacker underground for exposure of your business credentials to malicious individuals.

The Dark Web is a hidden universe contained within the “Deep Web”- a sublayer of the Internet that is hidden from conventional search engines. Dark Web ID monitors over 500 distinct Internet relay chatroom (IRC) channels, over 600,000 private Websites, 600 Twitter feeds and executes 10,000 refined queries daily.

The service leverages a combination of human and artificial intelligence to identify, analyse and proactively monitor your organisation for stolen credentials and other personally identifiable information (PII) that can be purchased on the Dark Web. When a credential or compromised email account is identified, we alert you so you can change the password before a data breach may occur.

SOLVit offers a range of security solutions to especially meet the ever-changing IT requirements for small to medium businesses.

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