“I’ve always considered myself reasonably tech savvy, however when it comes to running your own business and being flexible I didn’t have a clue. Before Solvit Network Support took over my business IT, I was using Microsoft one drive which kept interfering with my system and crashing my files. Damien and his team, put my office and business on office 365 and Syncplicity cloud solutions for my storage. The transformation has been amazing I am able to access emails, calendar items, files and edit from wherever I am around the world, on whatever device I choose including my iPad, mobile and laptop, it is amazing, I can literarily work from anywhere where there is internet connection. The access is quick,  easy and smooth, I can access documents incredibly quickly even if I am on the other side of the world and my assistant has just uploaded the files. I can also give certain access to certain people when I want, and if someone who leaves my company or steals my device I have the added security of being able to remotely access and delete any files instantly, which is vital in my line of work . I have to say it has been a wonderful addition to my business and the way I work. I would highly recommend Damien and his team as they are always on hand and an excellent job whenever I need them, quickly and efficiently and they don’t like to waste time like so many other IT people. I’d also like to say that for  anyone who is thinking of any sort of cloud solution or flexibility to speak to Solvit network support about office 365 and access to Syncplicity, I don’t think you can go far wrong with these if you’re looking for cloud-based solutions for your business.”

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